DeltaCad User's Group

Welcome to the DeltaCad User's Group (DCUG) web site. Here you will find
friendly and helpful information, tutorials and original DeltaCad-related files created
and shared by fellow DeltaCad users in the Member's Page.

Please register in our forums where you can meet other DeltaCad enthusiasts,
discuss any problems you may encounter while using DeltaCad and perhaps share
some of your knowledge, experience and creations with our many other registered
DCUG forum members. We also have a Break Room for general chit-chat, whether
it's related to DeltaCad or not. After all, everybody needs to take a break from
time to time.

This site is managed and maintained by DCUG forum members:
williamj (Bill, IL, USA), jw48 (John, UK), i44troll (Chris, OK, USA), and
AlwMVMO (Alan, MO, USA).

Generous financial contributions have been donated by several of our members
allowing the website to be free of paid advertising links as well as allowing it to be
registered as an established .org site on the web. Any and all donations in support
of this website are always greatly appreciated, while contributions by forum
members in the form of DeltaCad files and usage information will add enormously
to the value of the site.

This site is rated highly on most web search engines because of its member
contributions and stability - not because of any sort of advertising schemes.
We like it that way.

Please note: The creators of DeltaCad or any other persons associated with
Midnight Software Inc. are not, to the best of our knowledge, registered members
on our forums. However, they have given us their encouragement in our endeavor
to support you, our fellow DeltaCad users, as best as we can with our experience
using DeltaCad and they have always been very helpful when we seasoned users
have been stumped by a DeltaCad function or feature.